About this blog

I’ve always thought that when you are enjoying and having a good time, things are learnt better. That’s why I created this blog.

It has been proved that we can learn by playing games, and since we’re in the 21th century, what’s better than playing video games? (See Game-based Learning and Video Games in Education)
Here you’ll find lots of video games proposals for learning and improving your English and a special section for Pokémon video games. It’s my favourite game since I was a kid, and it’s also a good ressource to practise and learn English (it has loooots of dialogs and text).

Text! Text! Text!


About the blog’s name

This site’s name is related to Pokémon.

You wasn’t expecting that for sure.


When playing Pokémon, you might walk on Tall Grass zones where you’ll find wild pokémon. Once you bump into one Pokémon, a battle begins. What first comes in a battle is this text box with the pokémon you’ve encountered:

Older Pokémon games

Newer Pokémon games


Thus, I simply thought it was a good idea to combine the word Teacher
(since this is a learning-teaching blog and I’ll become a teacher soon)
with the Pokémon environment. That’s all! (=



About me

 Wild TEACHER appeared!

Name: Sara
No. 006
Type: Translator || Teacher
Exp. Points: Newly hatched egg
Level: Pokémon Master

Moves: Translation    Localization    Language Teaching    Proofreading

More information: She likes anything about new technologies and video games. Shy nature. Sara prefers warm places like Mexico or the Magma Cavern. She is studying to become an English language teacher soon, but she can also speak German, Spanish and Valencian. Places where she has been spotted: Spain, Ireland, the UK.



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