Hello there!

This blog is designed for all those students of English as a foreign language who want to improve their language skills in English in a different way: USING VIDEO GAMES!



In the Pokémon section you’ll find a complete guide to be the very best, like no one ever was.

The Pokémon series are full of dialogs and texts, so they’re a good way to improve your reading skills and, why not, your writing skills. Click on the Pokémon menu to know more about the video games, how to play and what you will learn with them.

The Video Games section is divided in:

  • Oldies but Goodies: There you can find older video games, but they’re still a treasure.
  • RPGS (or Role Playing Games): Most common video games fulls of text. In RPGs you control the main character, becoming the protagonist in a well-defined world.
  • For Beginners: If you don’t like or don’t usually play video games, this is your section. Easy video games for learning English!

In the Online Ressources section you’ll find some web pages to play games for FREE. Also you can find some webs online to improve  grammar or vocabulary through activities.

The About section is just to know more about the author of this blog.


Soooo… That’s all!

Feel free to browse the web and find your perfect parner for learning English =D


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